Tokiwakai H-beam inventory Rises to 213,000 Tons

Official Zinc Price Decreases by 6,000 Yen to 283,000 Yen

Supply and Demand of Ferrous Scrap is Getting Roose in East Asia

Recycle Rate of Steel Can Reaches a Record 92.9%

Mitsubishi to Increase Competitive Strength of Coking Coal Business in Australia

NSSM to Start a Standardized Business Brand for Steel Bar and Wire Rod

2014 Iron Ore Demand in Austraria to Rise by 7% to 1.315 Billion Tons

A Growing Numbers of Japanese Iron and Steel Related Firms Increase to Invest to Indonesia

JFE Steel to Drop the Participation to a Integrated Steel Making Plan by the Blast Furnace in Vietnam

Steel Imports of August in China Rises by 26% to 7.76 Million Tons

Shinsho Corp and Kobe Steel to Establish a Joint Venture of Steel Wire for Cold Heading with 4 Firms

Use of Ferrous Scrap to Rise in China

Official Copper Price for October Shipments Keeps at 780,000 Yen

Sumitomo Electric Industries, the Business Profit for F2014 to be More Than Originally Planned

Mitsui Mining And Smelting to Forcus on Earning Capacity in the Resources Development

Kobe Steel Completes to Rise Output Capacity of Aluminum Forging Parts for Automobile Suspension in the US

Electric Copper Wire Shipments Rises to 64,000 Tons in July