Daido Special Metal to Dissolve

Total Aluminum Demand Recovers the Level Shortly before the Failure of Lehman Brothers

Steel Exports Increases by 3.25 Million Tons for the 3rd Straight Months

Kansai Tetsugen’s Ferrous Scrap Export Tender Increases by 730 Yen

Japan Ferrous Scrap Export Price Drops to FAS 22,820 yen/t

Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Imports of Jan Drops by 39.2% from the Last Year

World Iron and Steel Output of January Decreases to 130 million Tons

Hot, Cold and Coated Sheet Steel Inventory Decreases to 4.18 Million Tons

OSAKA STEEL to Break Ground for a New Mill in Indonesia

Iron and Steel Imports of 2014 Increases to 8.91 Million Tons

Steel Consumption of Fiscal 2015 in Japan to be 64.34 Million Tons

Supply and Demand of Iron Ore to Keep Stable Tone

Tin Supply, a Sign of Structural Change

Japan Official Zn Price Increases by 3,000 /T

Furukawa Electric’s Sales and Profit Decreases

Japan Official Zn Price Increases by 3,000 Yen

Official Copper Price for January Shipments Decreases by 10,000 Yen to 730,000 Yen