Japanese Integrated Steel Makers’ Iron Ore Purchase price of Jan-Mar to Decrease by 7%

Official Copper Price for December Shipments Decreases by 10,000 Yen to 800,000 Yen

Japan Carbon Steel Export Drops for 9 Months in a Row in May

Chinese Steel Market Loses Ground

Tokyo Steel Rises Ferrous Scrap Price by 500 Yen

Japan’s Crude Steel Outputs for April-September are Expected to Increase to 52.54 Million Tons

NSSM’s Original Developping New Titanium Base to be Used to GT-R

Toyota Keeps Global Outputs Plan of This Fiscal Year

Metal One Summarizes Offices of Metalone Branch Offices and Group Companies

Ferrous Scrap Price Rises for the First Time in a Month in Kanto Area

Tokiwakai H-beam Inventory Exceeds 200,000 Tons for the First Time in 9 Months

World Iron and Steel Demand Forecasting of 2016 to Drop to 1.48770 billion Tons

LME Tin Price Increases Rapidly, Exceeds Chinese Price

Official Lead Ingot Price Rises by 9,000 Yen to 272,000 Yen

Electric Copper Wire Shipments Rises for the First Time in 5 months

Official Copper Price for November Shipments Decreases by 10,000 Yen to 660,000 Yen

Official Copper Price Rises by 10,000 Yen to 680,000 Yen