Chinese Steel Material Price Rises Rapidly

Official Copper Pirce Increases by 10,000 Yen to 770,000 Yen

Iron Scrap Prices Continued to Fall, Shipments to Manufacturers are Accelerating

TVP, the Subsidiary Kyoei Steel, Does Port Business in Full Swing

Vina Kyoei Steel Establishes a 50,000 tons per month steelmaking system

Japanese Integrated Steel Makers’ Iron Ore Purchase price of Jan-Mar to Decrease by 7%

World Crude Steel Outputs of October to Rise to 145.254 Million Tons

Japan Carbon Steel Export Drops for 9 Months in a Row in May

Chinese Steel Market Loses Ground

Tokyo Steel Rises Ferrous Scrap Price by 500 Yen

Japan’s Crude Steel Outputs for April-September are Expected to Increase to 52.54 Million Tons

NSSM’s Original Developping New Titanium Base to be Used to GT-R

Toyota Tsusho to Produce Lithium hydroxide in Fukushima

Official Copper Price Rises to 770,000 Yen, Zinc Increases to 385,000 Yen

Official Copper Price for December Shipments Increases by 20,000 Yen to 820,000 Yen

Official Copper Price for December Shipments Decreases by 10,000 Yen to 800,000 Yen

LME Tin Price Increases Rapidly, Exceeds Chinese Price