Strong Indium Price around Tokyo

Indium price is increasing around Tokyo. The market price is around 50,000 yen per kilogram for low grade products, which is used for low-melting-point alloy. The price increased by about 10% from the first weak of September.

Overseas indium spot price is around US$ 500 per kg while the price was US$ 300-350 in March-June 2009. The price has been increasing since July and the current price increased by around 60% from July.

In Japan, the largest indium consumer country, the government added the metal to the list of strategic stockpile and Chinese indium producers and traders reduce the sales volume expecting the price increase. Additionally, the producers and traders secured the material with expectation for higher price when they expected indium tin oxide target makers would restart indium purchasing.

Indium is in short supply due to these speculative factors. Some of small users, which purchases indium in 100 kg level lots, pay more than 50,000 yen per kg. The price is likely to increase more when some of trading firms try to hold the inventory expecting the price increase.