Showa Denko Packaging to Expand Electronic Parts Business

Showa Denko Packaging tries to expand the electronic parts sales for information technology industry. The firm expands the sales of laminate packaging material for lithium ion battery when the parent company, Showa Denko selected the material as one of the growth items under mid-term plan through 2015. Showa Denko Packaging tries to increase the operating profit for the sales from around 5% in last year to 10%.

The firm’s sales comprises food package including cap seal, electronic parts and package including package of integrated circuit and battery and medical and industrial package, each of which represents a third of total sales. The electric parts and package increases the share in the sales under higher demand for information technology industry.

The firm tries to increase the sales for electronic parts by expanding the business for products with higher performance and value. The firm tries to expand the business for laminate package of lithium ion battery by utilizing the number one position.

The firm launched the task force of advanced battery materials on September 16 covering lithium ion battery business from research & development to sales. The task force utilizes the resources of the group including negative electrode material and additives to positive and negative electrodes.