Thai Integrated Steel Project to Delay

Secretary General of Thailand Board of Investment, Ms. Atchaka Sibunruang said the determination of the location to construct integrated steel works would be delay from scheduled August-September, at a press conference held in Tokyo on Thursday. The board is selecting the location in the east and the south of Thailand. BOI applies the plan to the cabinet after the feasibility study. The construction would take longer time for the negotiation with local community.

Member of Board of Iron and Steel Institute of Thai, Mr. Wikrom Vajragupta said to a reporter of Japan Metal Bulleting in February the application to the cabinet after FS by consultancy would be scheduled for August or September answering. However, Ms. Sibunruang said at the press conference on Thursday the details of the project will be decided and the board would study more.

Thai government announced the integrated steel project in November 2007 and sounded major steels’ interests. Nippon Steel, JFE Steel, Baosteel Group and Arcelor Mittal responded to the offer. Thailand sees Japanese integrated steel makers are promising candidate when many Japanese companies have transplants of automobile and electronics industries in the country.