Aluminium Scrap Market Price Stays Flat in Nagoya

Aluminium scrap market price stays flat around Nagoya. The price is 160-170 yen per kilogram for new cutting scrap, 130-140 yen per kg for sash scrap and 115-125 yen per kg for pressed beverage can scrap. Local secondary aluminium alloy makers and aluminium scrap dealers are likely to set scrap price unchanged for July 16-31 trading from the previous half month.

Primary aluminium settlement at London Metal Exchange is currently around US$ 1,900-2,000 per tonne. Japanese aluminium re-rollers are setting their scrap purchase price almost unchanged when primary ingot price levels off.

Scrap trading seems inactive in Nagoya market. Secondary aluminium alloy makers hold material inventories of imported base metals. However, aluminium scrap market price doesn’t lower due to continuously stagnant generation. One scrap dealer said the market price is slightly surging for some items to reflect tight supply.