Brush Wellman Japan to Post 4 Billion Yen Sales in 2010

Brush Wellman Japan, which is Japanese company of beryllium products maker, Brush Wellman of USA, expects the sales increases to more than 4 billion yen in 2010, which is around 30% higher than 2009. The firm expects strong demand for beryllium copper mainly in offshore market while the high beryllium alloy sales are also strong for industry and defense industry. The firm tries to secure more than 4 billion yen of sales in 2011 by expanding the sales of copper alloy and clad materials.

The sales could be less than 4 billion yen in 2010 depending on yen rate against US dollar while the sales will much higher than 2009 level. The shipment of beryllium copper, which represents major portion of the sales, increased to near double to South Korea and Asian countries in first half of 2010 from same period of 2008. The sales increased due to higher demand for automobile and cell phone while the firm succeeded inventory function from a group company in Singapore in 2009.

Brush Wellman Japan’s domestic sales in first half was around 80% of 2008 level due to slow demand for optical fiber sea floor cable and electrode materials for automotive flat steel welding. The firm expects the domestic demand recovers in second half year. The firm expects the full year shipment including domestic and offshore shipment increases by more than 20% from 2009 and by around 10% from 2008.

The firm expects the firm secures around 400 million yen of sales for high beryllium containing products, which used for aerospace, nuclear power and medical industries, in 2010 as 2008 when the demand recovers from major slump in 2009. The firm tries to increase the sales to more than 500 million yen level in and after 2011.