Japanese Nonferrous Metals Export Shows Weak in August

Japanese cathode copper export decreased by 14% to 38,070 tonnes in August from a year earlier, which represented year-to-year minus after 2 months, according to Ministry of Finance. The export for China, the largest importer of Japanese cathode copper, decreased by 9% to 17,458 tonnes. Japanese copper smelters gave preference to domestic supply when the smelters continue output reductions due to ore shortage.

Copper scrap export decreased by 21% to 22,909 tonnes, which represented year-to-year minus for 7 straight months. The export for China decreased by 19% to 21,293 tonnes. Copper scrap generation maintained low in Japanese market while the demand kept weak from Chinese importers.

Aluminium scrap export decreased by 23% to 6,938 tonnes. Overseas demand for Japanese aluminium scrap was weak due to high market price in Japan. The export for China decreased by 15% to 5,449 tonnes though mix metal shipment was relatively steady.

The export of electrolytic zinc with above 99.99% purity dropped by 60% to 2,862 tonnes. In August 2009, surplus ingot was actively exported to China where zinc demand was strong.