Japan Ferrous Scrap Industry Urges METI to Check Radiation

Japanese Iron and Steel Recycling Institute submitted a report on higher level radiation after accident at Fukushima nuclear power plant to Iron and Steel Technology Office of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on Wednesday. The industry seeks the government should check radiation on scrap recovered from damaged areas by the quake for healthy supply of the scrap.

The scrap industry worries about potential radioactive pollution on scrap due to higher radiation in the air and scrap recovery from nuclear power plant. The industry group asked METI to instruct removal of polluted scrap and prevention of distribution of polluted scrap. The industry asked METI to secure route to move and stock the polluted scrap.

The nuclear power plant accident impacts heavily on scrap transaction around Tokyo. Radiation level has increased around Tokyo while the level is still less than hazardous level. An electric furnace steel maker source reported higher radiation than normal level from transport vehicle. A dealer source reported the dealer stopped the operation temporarily when the radiation detector warned higher level of radiation in the air.