Mitsubishi Corp Enters Taiwan Si Wafer Business

Japanese major trading firm, Mitsubishi Corporation announced on Tuesday the firm acquired 10% shares of Taiwanese solar sell silicon wafer maker, Utech Solar Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Taiwanese major solar sell maker of Gintech Energy Corporation. Mitsubishi Corp. enters into solar cell silicon wafer business through the share participation.

Utech Solar was established in the end of 2010. The firm is building silicon wafer plant to start commercial operation in July. The production capacity is 330,000 kilowatts per year in the first phase. The firm plans to increase the capacity to 1 million kW in the future. The firm makes silicon wafer, main material of solar cell from polycrystalline silicon.

Taiwan is major solar cell material producing base after China when major makers have many plants for electronics parts and materials including liquid crystal and semiconductor in Taiwan. Taiwanese solar cell industry can utilize engineers, production technology and management knowhow in other electronics industry. The makers have higher competitiveness in silicon wafer and cell making due to the resources.