Nippon Steel to Renew Mid-Size Welded Pipe Mill at Hikari

Nippon Steel expands mid-sized welded pipe mill at Hikari plant of Oita works for 5 billion yen. The plant increases products range to thick, high strength and high quality pipe for pipeline by renewing the production facilities by December while the plant improves the quality and productivity. The plant completes the series of renewal from small-sized pipe to special pipe production lines.

The plant in Yamaguchi renews a series of process including forming, welding and cutting at the mid-sized pipe mill. The plant tries to meet increasing needs for line pipe with thicker wall, higher strength and higher grade. The plant also adds new technology to improve the welding quality and shortens roll changes and adjustment time at the mill.

The plant stops operation of the mid-sized pipe mill from October-December. The plant tries to increase the production until then to minimize the outage impact on the shipment while Nippon Steel shifts a part of the production to mid-sized pipe mill at Nagoya works.

The plant already added 7 rolling stands at the small-sized pipe mill in 2008 to make stretch reduce welded pipe with world top class of 33% thick rate for diameter. The plant also added billet expansion facility in 2008 to improve quality and yield for stainless seamless pipe.