Hirakawa Hewtech Eyes Coaxial Cable Business Expansion

Japanese listed electric cable maker, Hirakawa Hewtech’s president Kazuo Sumita eyes business expansion for automobile market by utilizing coaxial cable technology of its subsidiary Shikoku Cable. Hirakawa Hewtech acquired all of Shikoku Cable shares with 1.656 billion yen from Furukawa Electric’s group companies, Furukawa Automotive Systems and Totoku Electric. Hirakawa Hewtech eyes automotive coaxial cable business expansion and Shikoku Cable has the plant in Dongguan, China.

Mr. Sumita eyes higher automotive coaxial cable demand when he expects high speed and large capacity data communication increase in automobile related market for performance improvement of car navigation system, new infrastructure for safety improvement and easing traffic jam.

Hirakawa Hewtech announced on August 3 the firm establishes Vietnamese coaxial cable plant as a subsidiary of Shikoku Cable. Mr. Sumita eyes business expansion in growing market of Asia.