Japan Mining Association Proposes Difficulty of Raremetal Recycle

Ministry of the Environment of Japan is planning formulation of rare metal recycle institution including to used small home appliance products in Central Environment Council. However, Japan Mining Industry Association brings in proposal that recycle of small appliance is hard by effort of only non-ferrous smelting industry to Central Environment Council on August 22.

The association makes a point that when many concerns, government, autonomous community, user, maker, dealer or various material industry should share responsibility for recycling from recovery on equitable bases when recycle of small home appliance products requires the presence of many concerns.

Non-ferrous metal price changes continuously. Smelting industry can’t take over small home appliance products and recycle institute has possible to become incompetent if metal price dropped largely. The association makes a proposal it is necessary for cost of collection and disposal.

Recycle of rare metal, tantalum, cobalt, neodymium or tungsten are impossible by normal smelting process, and engages processing such as detachment. The association makes an assertion someone must bear a burden of processing cost for recycle of rare metal from small home appliance products.

The association makes a point more numerous small home appliance products should be covered as recycle when profit performance can’t be secured by only small appliance, which requires measure of non-ferrous scrap against increased export and relaxation of regulations of collection with broad area and long term storage for Waste Management Law.