Mitsui & Co. to Open New Steel Service Center in Mexico

Japanese major trading firm, Mitsui & Co. announced on Wednesday the firm opens steel service center with 800,000 tonnes annual processing capacity for US$ 75 million in Mexico. Mitsui & Co.’s USA based service center, Steel Technologies purchases 12 hectares land in Monterrey of Mexico to launch the operation of the service center in the end of 2012. After the operation start, Mitsui &Co.’s steel processing capacity in Mexico triples to 1.2 million tonnes. The firm’s world steel processing capacity increases to 10 million tonnes level by adding the 64th service center.

The Mexican service center has two slitters, one multi-blanking line and one environment-conscious pickling line by mechanical method.

Mitsui & Co. acquired major North American service center, Steel Technologies in 2007. Mitsui & Co. and Nucor of USA established 50/50 joint venture, NuMit in 2010 for North American steel business including steel service center. NuMit now controls operating Steel Technologies.

Mitsui & Co. has annual 9 million tonnes of steel processing capacity with 63 service centers. Steel Technologies has 3 million tonnes of the capacity. The firm has 2.5 million tonnes of capacity in USA, 200,000 tonnes in Canada and 300,000 tonnes in Mexico.