Baoshan Iron & Steel to Increase Steel Sheet Price for September

Baoshan Iron & Steel announced on Friday the firm increases most of all steel sheet items for domestic shipment for September. The firm increase cold rolled sheet and pickling steel price by 120 yuan per tonne. The firm increases the price by 150 yuan for hot dip galvanized steel. Cold rolled and galvanized sheet price increases for 2 months in a row. The firm increases hot rolled sheet price by 60 yuan for general structure while the price is set unchanged for other grades.

Baoshan Iron & Steel increases electrogalvanized steel price by 60 yuan per tonne for September shipment while the price was unchanged in August shipment. Non-oriented electric steel price is set unchanged for high and middle grade while the price increases by 130 yuan for low grade. The firm sets grain oriented electrical steel price unchanged for B23 and B27R grade while the firm reduces the price by 600 yuan for B27P and B30P105 grade. The firm reduces the price by 1,000 yuan for B30P110 and B35P grade. The firm sets plate price unchanged after the price cut in August. Cold rolled stainless steel price increases by 100 yuan as same as August.

Baoshan Iron & Steel reduced the selling price for July shipment and set the price of most items unchanged for August shipment due to demand slowdown. The firm tries to increase the price with expectation for housing starts increase and recovery of industry in autumn.