WSA Chairman Bada Appeals Higher Performance of Automotive High Tensile Steels than Other Materials

Mr. Hajime Bada, chairman of World Steel Association (WSA), explained at an interview with Japanese press that WSA’s automotive committee currently succeeded in development of super lightweight and stable body of electric vehicle by high tensile steel sheet and the most suitable processing method. WSA increased the usage rate of high tensile steels to 97% in a next-generation environmental car by hot press and roll forming technologies. About a half of high tensile steels was with strength at above 100 kilogram. Thus the committee could reduce the white body weight to 188 kilogram.

Mr. Bada pointed out carbon fiber is a useful material to lighten aerospace components while which would show low cost performance and low weldability in automobile industry. Mr. Bada said WSA’s automobile committee implemented a test calculation that steel products show higher performance than aluminum products to reduce CO2 emission through a total life cycle (200,000 kilometers run). Mr. Bada insisted steel industry should appeal its contribution to reduce raw material consumption and energy usage though the industry is generally seen to emit CO2 largely.