JFE Steel Develops 520N Class High Tensile H-beam

JFE Steel announced on Monday the firm developed H-beam with tensile strength at 520N per square millimeter, the highest tensile strength in Japan, by thermo mechanical control process (TMCP). The new H-beam, named HBL-H355, can increase design intensity of buildings by 9% compared with conventional H-beam with 490N tensile strength, that means H-beam usage weight can be reduced by 9%. The firm acquired an approval of Ministry of Land, infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for HBL-H355 on April 28 and started the commercial sales. Some general contractors, design offices and fabricators show interests in HBL-H355. JFE Steel aims the sales at 3,000 tonnes per year.

JFE Steel developed HBL-H355 by TMCP technology, Super OLAC S in Kurashiki area of West Japan iron works. The firm has developed high strength steel plate and extra thick H-beam by TMCP technology so far. The firm is increasing the lineup of high strength steels to meet the users’ demand for high strength structural materials for higher and larger buildings. The firm lineups 12 series with 44 sizes of HBL-H355 with 350-400 millimeters of flange width and 700-1,000 millimeters of height. The firm expects HBL-H355 is suitable for 10-meter class large span joist.