Japanese Copper Tube Import Hits Record High Volume in April

Japanese copper tube import increased by 24% to 1,765 tonnes in April compared with March, according to Ministry of Finance. The import volume hit the monthly record high when Japanese copper tube users moved to emergent export of materials after Japan Earthquake.

The import was 1,245 tonnes from China and 427 tonnes from South Korea. The total volume of 1,765 tonnes exceeded 1,424 tonnes in March and hit the monthly record. The average volume was 500-1,000 tonnes per month before the earthquake and the yearly average was 895 tonnes in calendar 2010.

After the disaster, copper tube makers’ operations confused and downed in East Japan mainly due to TEPCO’s power outage plan. They seem to have imported alternate products from the productive sites in China. Copper tube users including major air conditioner makers and copper tube processors also moved to emergent import from China and Korea.