Scrap Use Ratio for Stainless Steel Production in Japan is 72%, Higher than the Global Average of 48%

 According to a survey released by Team Stainless, a consortium of seven organizations including the World Stainless Association and the Nickel Institute, the ratio of scrap used in stainless steel production in Japan was 72%. This is higher than the global average of 48% and is second only to Europe and the United States.
 An analysis was conducted with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) based on 2019 production and recycling ratios. Of the 48% of global stainless steel scrap usage, 37% is stainless steel scrap and 11% is steel scrap. Regional recycling rates are 85% in Europe, 83% in the U.S., 56% in India, and 31% in China. China’s low scrap generation is likely due to the fact that the majority of stainless steel has not reached the end of its useful life.