Hashimoto, Chairman of JISF Expressed His Determination to Continue ResponsibleAction in Decarbonization and Stressed the Need for “Discussions on International Competition in Industry

Eiji Hashimoto, chairman of the Japan Iron and Steel Federation (JISF) and president of Nippon Steel Corporation, issued a written New Year’s greeting on January 5, expressing his determination to tackle the challenges facing the steel industry, saying, “The Japanese steel industry will continue to build an optimal production system with an eye on medium- and long-term trends, take on the challenge of zero-carbon steel, implement more thorough safety measures, and take responsible action to realize a better society.

In particular, he looked at the global trend toward decarbonization and called for “serious discussions” on how Japan, which is not blessed with natural resources or renewable energy sources, can compete with other countries in international industrial competition.