NSSM to Delegate Aluminum Sheets Selling Right to UACJ

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal and UACJ, an aluminum maker, did a major rethinking of the business alliance contents for aluminum sheets for automobile. Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal discussed to review cooperation contents with old-Furukawa-Sky Aluminum after old-Furukawa-Sky Aluminum consolidate with Sumitomo Light Metal Industries and UACJ, a global aluminum maker, started. Old-Furukawa-Sky Aluminum’s selling right of aluminum sheets (rolling product) for automobile and that components maker that Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal possess, is delegated to UACJ. After this, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal will push iron and steel material sales, and UACJ advance aluminum material sales, to automobile market.