Steel Plantech Accepts an Order of a Slab Continuous Cast Equipment of a Vertical Bending Type from Nisshin Steel

Steel Plantech announced on 13th, the firm accepted an order of a slab continuous cast equipment of a Vertical Bending Type from Nisshin Steel, which is main equipment for steelmaking refresh plan in Shunan Works. Order receipt amount is not cleared. Because current slab continuous cast equipment in Shunan Works of Nisshin Steel has been operated for over 40 years, it had been asked to update. In this equipment plan, manufacturing cost decreases, quality rises, coil gets bigger because of size up of slab, 5 feet width of products are enabled and high productivity is achieved. Steel Plantech takes care of planning, manufacturing, transportation, installation work and an adjustment testing the machine, in machine, electrical instrumentation equipments set of the machine.