Nisshin Steel Holdings to Strengthen Profit Structure with an Outward-Looking Standpoint

Nisshin Steel Holdings announced to draw up and start medium-term management plan to aim profit increase on 12th. In fiscal 2016 that is the last year, the firm aims 635 billion yen for consolidated net sales (estimate of F2012 is 530 billion yen), 38 billion yen for current earnings (estimate of F2012 is 11 billion yen) and 31 billion yen for current net earnings (estimate of F2012 is 18 billion yen). The firm plans to do capacity investment and investment and loan, 160 billion yen with total of around 4 years, and aim to move into the black in fiscal 2013, working out “buildup of business competitiveness by promotion of the streamlining”, “an increase of earnings source by a growth strategy development of expansion to global market and core products” and “development of new market”. And Nisshin Steel Holdings will construct strong business structure to able to respond to every environs.