Sumitomo Metals Gets Tin Added Plate Order for Bridge Work

Sumitomo Metal Industries got order of tin added high tensile steel plate for bridge work in Hyogo. The firm improved the plate’s corrosion resistance against salt by adding small volume of tin. The plate contributes to lower life cycle cost by reducing cost for repainting of bridge. The firm tries to get order for road construction including highway construction around Osaka bay.

Sumitomo Metals found the higher corrosion resistance for tin added steel in 2002. The firm developed the new product in 2011. The firm got Japanese Industrial Standards for the plate. The plate also cleared required specification for highway bridges or guideline of Japanese government.

The firm can provide the plate with 400 mega pascal of strength, 500 MPa and 600 MPa. The firm confirmed the corrosion resistance performance is enough to use for bridge without painting.