Metal One to Expand Thai Steel Service Center

Metal One Corporation announced on Thursday the firm builds second plant of Thai steel service center, MC Metal Service Asia (Thailand) for 2.5 billion yen. The firm expands the processing capacity of the center to total annual 150,000 tonnes when the second plant starts operation in September. The firm tries to meet growing demand from transplants of Japanese manufacturers when Thai automobile output reaches 2 million units in 2012.

The center adds a blanking line, a slitter and a mini leveler for the second plant. The first plant has coil blanking line, tailored welded blanking line and small press machine. Metal One tries to expand the service network through synergy with other coil centers in Thailand.

Japanese transplants represent more than 90% of Thai automobile production. Thai production hit record 1.65 million units in 2010. The production decreased to 1.46 million units in 2011 due to flood damage but the production could reach 2.2 million units in 2012. Thai Ministry of Industry expects the production will reach 2.5 million units in 2015.