Japanese Rolled Aluminium Shipment Keeps Steady for Automobiles in May

Japanese aluminium re-rollers’ output of flat and extruded products increased by 0.9% to 170,554 tonnes in May from a year earlier, which represented year-to-year plus for 3 months in a row, announced by Japan Aluminium Association on June 27. The shipment increased by 3.9% to 173,445 tonnes, year-to-year plus for 4 straight months. The demand kept firm from car industry while the export continued to recover.

Output of flat aluminium products represented first year-to-year minus since February 2012 while the shipment maintained year-to-year minus for 12 straight months. The shipment for automobiles rebounded by 49.7% to 12,722 tonnes since the demand dropped down in May 2011 just after the Japan Earthquake. However, the shipment of can materials decreased by 11% to 38,737 tonnes. The shipment for export increased by 28.1% to 17,637 tonnes and showed year-to-year plus for 2 months in a row.

As for aluminium extruded products, the output kept year-to-year plus for 8 straight months and the shipment for 10 months. The demand maintained stable from construction and automobile markets. Especially the shipment for automobiles jumped by more than 60%.

Aluminium foil production and shipment maintained low. The shipment for capacitors declined by 29.7% to 2,678 tonnes.