Gecoss Develops Better Soil Cement Wall Construction Method

JFE Steel’s construction material leasing affiliate, Gecoss Corporation developed improved version of soil cement continuous wall construction method. The firm registered the new method to new technology information system of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

The method uses soil cement from mud in wall construction site. The method reduces mud volume for final disposal due to recycling useful soil cement in the mud while the recycling reduces consumption of new cement and carbon dioxide emission.

Gecoss Corporation adjusted soil separator for better yield. The firm also added new recycling mechanism to estimate mud volume in 6 soil types. The improved version results in stable quality for the wall and lower mud volume.

Soil cement continuous wall method is used as temporal earth retaining wall for construction with deep digging. The method leaves large volume of mud but the

Gecoss Corporation’s system can reduce the mud due to the better recycling system.