Toyota Motor Plans High Level Domestic Production in September

Toyota Motor notified the suppliers of slightly more than 15,000 units per day of domestic finished car production for September, according to industry source. The firm apparently revised the production target downward by around 3,000 units per month for July and August but the output is around 15,000 units level for July-September.

Toyota Motor notified parts and materials suppliers of the revised production plan through September. The firm plans slightly more than 300,000 units of production for September with 20 operation days. The firm reduced the production target by around 3,000 units from original plan to slightly more than 340,000 units for July with 22 operation days and to more than 275,000 units with 18 operation days for August.

A source in local coil center sees the production target by Toyota Motor is preferable. However, the source said the coil center’s current processing pace is less than Toyota Motor’s production plan. The source estimates the lower coil consumption despite of higher car production is due to lower steel consumption per car unit. The source is cautious about the decrease of processing volume when the government would finish subsidy for eco-friendly car purchase later the year.