Daido Metal Targets World 40% Share in Plain Bearing

Nagoya based bearing maker, Daido Metal increases production capacity of offshore plants. The firm will finish construction of second plant in China in July starting the commercial operation in this autumn. The firm plans to build second plant in Indonesia and Czech Republic. The firm plans total 30 billion yen of capital expenditure in 3 years through fiscal 2014 ending March 2015. The firm targets 40% of world market share for plain bearing for automotive engine compared with current 31%.

The world leading maker of automotive engine plain bearing plans expansion of offshore plants to meet growing world automobile production. The world production would reach 100 million units for 2017 compared with 80 million units in 2011.

Daido Metal is increasing the production capacity of plants in Thailand and Mexico. Chinese plant in Suzhou plans to increase the capacity by 20-30% when the second plant enters commercial production in this autumn.

The firm plans to double the production capacity at plant in Czech Republic by 2016. The firm will increase supply for users in Europe when European users expand the business in emerging countries.

The Indonesian plant will start the construction of second plant in 2013. The second plant plans to start the operation in 2014 to add 20-30% higher production capacity.

The firm targets 111 billion yen of consolidated sales for fiscal 2017 ending in March 2018, which is around 60% higher than the figure in fiscal 2011.