Sumitomo Metals Plans 24.5 Billion Yen R&D in F2012

Sumitomo Metal Industries plans consolidated 24.5 billion yen of investment in research and development in fiscal 2012 started April. The firm accelerates distinctiveness by developing high grade products and original products for technology advantage.

The firm invested 22.8 billion yen for R&D in fiscal 2011 as fiscal 2010. The firm saved the investment in fiscal 2011 compared with original budget through efficient method and low cost activity to secure fund for recovery plan from the major earthquake damage.

The firm allocates around 70% of the budget for products development and around 30% for process development in fiscal 2012. The firm plans to use around 50% of the products development budget for automobile and around 30% for energy. The firm plans to use around 50% of the process development budget for cost and quality improvement.

The firm tries to improve the cooperation with group companies in the R&D activity. Kokura works focuses on new products development by utilizing new steel making shop and new bar mill. Naoetsu plant develops products of special stainless and titanium.