Nippon Steel’s H-beam and Hut Shape Sheet Pile Method Adopted to Quay Repair

Nippon Steel announced on Thursday the firm delivered total approximately 8,000 tonnes of hut shaped steel sheet pile and H-beam for the wharf repair work at the Navy port in Guam. The repair work adopted Nippon Steel’s original construction method combining hut shaped sheet pile and H-beam. This is the first adoption of the method for the port construction work as well as the first order receipt for the US construction work. Additionally this is the second order acceptance of the method for the large-scale construction work following the river repair work in the Philippines. Nippon Steel tries to increase the new order receipts for local construction markets in emerging counties and the USA.

Nippon Steel’s hut shaped sheet pile and H-beam are used for quay walls. The casting work is completing this month which started this year. Nippon Steel produces H-beam and hut shaped sheet pile at Sakai works, Japan, exports the products and welds for the actual usage at the construction site.

H-beam is welded behind hut shaped sheet pile for higher bearing force. The welding process is dealt at the yard near the construction site, which contributes to lower cost and shorter lead time. Welded sheet pile and H-beam shows Y-shape which represents lower resistance than conventional large-size sheet pile in the casting process.

Assistant works such as water jet are not needed in the casting process, which realizes no contamination of soil and water. Surrounding grounds are also protected thanks to the quay wall building with same-shape parts.