Tokyo Kinsho Enjoys Record Revenue in F2011

Tokyo based nonferrous metal dealer, Tokyo Kinsho posted 6.28 billion yen of sales in fiscal ended in April 2012, which was 3.8% higher than a figure in the previous year. The sales renewed the record for 2 years in a row. The sales kept stable for nonferrous metal ingots and metal processed products. Export business was also steady. The annual recurring profit was estimated at slightly less than 100 million yen, decreasing by around 30% from the record in the previous year due to decrease of nonferrous metals market price.

Tokyo Kinsho covers trading of nonferrous metal ingots, copper alloy fabricated products including aluminium and stainless fabricated products. The sales was higher than expected for ingots and secondary processed products in fiscal ended in April 2012. Export of nonferrous metal ingots and products was steady for Southeast Asia, which was started in 2010. Meanwhile, the sales of copper alloy products were 5-10% lower than estimated due to slow demand in the domestic market.

Tokyo Kinsho’s monthly trading volume was totally 1,600-1,700 tonnes in the fiscal year ended in April 2011 while the volume reached 2,000 tonnes per month in the next year. Thanks to the higher trading volume, the sales exceeded record 6.05 billion yen in the year ended in April 2012. In the year, the recurring profit was slightly lower than 110 million yen in the year ended in April 2010.

The company targets 6.3 billion yen of sales with 100 million yen of recurring profit in the present year ending in April 2013.