J-Spiral Steel Pipe to Expand Products Variety

JFE Steel’s Vietnamese steel pipe pile making plant, J-Spiral Steel Pipe increases the size and items variety to develop market in Vietnam and neighbor countries. The firm already got order for product with more than 2,700 millimeters diameter. The firm tries to expand the business in infrastructure.

The firm with annual 50,000 tonnes of production capacity made just less than 10,000 tonnes of production for the first operating year in 2011. The firm plants 20,000 tonnes of production in 2012.

The firm converted spiral pipe making line to increase the maximum size from 2,600 mm to 3,000 mm and increase the maximum length from 30 meters to 50 meters. The wider variety contributes to wider business opportunities while the longer products reduce the users’ welding cost.

The firm also added color machine for heavy corrosion resistance. The line to coat urethane elastomer with 2.5 mm thick on pipe pile allows more than 30 years of corrosion resistance. The coating also contributes to higher strength in welding part and for shock.