Mitsui Kinzoku ACT to Launch Auto Parts Making in Mexico

Mitsui Mining & Smelting announced on Friday the firm’s automotive parts making subsidiary, Mitsui Kinzoku ACT will reorganize Mexican affiliate. The subsidiary renames the service provider, GECOM Mexico into Mitsui Kinzoku ACT Mexicana in July for local production and sales for Mitsui Kinzoku ACT. The new company will make automotive parts including door lock.

Mitsui Kinzoku ACT tries to expand business of Mitsui Kinzoku ACT Mexicana and another subsidiary GECOM Corp. in USA with expectation for growth of automobile market in the Americas.

Mitsui Kinzoku ACT controls 99.9% of Guanajuato, Mexico based Mitsui Kinzoku ACT Mexicana with US$ 3.8 million of capital. GECOM Corp. has 0.1% share in the new company. Mitsui Kinzoku ACT Mexicana will start operation of automobile parts making with around 70 employees in July 2013.