TDW Transfers Thai Plant to Chonburi Province with No Flood Risk

Tokyo headed independent electric wire maker, Tokyo Electric Wire Industrial (TEW) transferred its production site in Thailand from High-Tech industrial estate of Ayutthaya Province to Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate of Chonburi Province. The previous plant in Ayutthaya was damaged by the flood in 2011. TEW transferred the plant to the new site with no flood risk and partially started the commercial operation. The new plant targets to recover 100 million yen monthly revenue of pre-flood level soon.

The new plant floor is approximately 3,000 square meters on the site of approximately 7,200 square meters, which will generate about 120 jobs. The new plant succeeds production of wires and wiring harnesses for automotive accessories, medical appliances, industrial machines or office appliances.

Newest facilities are introduced into the new plant those which promote automation of the operations. TDW had implemented alternate production at plant in Tochigi of Japan, 3 production subsidiaries in Dongguan and Shanghai, China and Malaysia during the stoppage of the old Ayutthaya plant.

TDW regards Thai new plant as the main production site in Southeast Asia and tries to raise the monthly revenue to 400 million yen, the same level of TDW headquarters in Tokyo. TDW Group’s annual revenue currently totals 15 billion yen. The Group’s sales and profits have steadily increased for 3 years in a row since Lehman Shock. The Group manufactures electric wires and wiring harnesses for various appliances and machines.