Tokyo Kohtetsu Develops Thin Angle Steel for PV Panel Pedestal

Japanese major shape steel maker, Tokyo Kohtetsu developed thin angle steel for pedestals of photovoltaic (PV) panels. The thickness is 0.2 millimeters less than Japanese Industrial Standards angle so that less weight contributes to lower cost and higher price competitiveness. Some users have already started consideration to adopt the new angle.

For PV panel pedestals, JIS standard 3.2 mm thick angles are generally used those which are hot-dip galvanized to improve corrosion resistance. The price competition is severe against pre-plated angles using high-corrosion-resistant galvanized steel.

Tokyo Kohtetsu developed angle steel with 3 mm thick. The thickness totals 3.2 mm including 0.2 mm of hot-dip galvanized layer. Less weight contributes to lower cost price than conventional angles.

Tokyo Kohtetsu is trying to reinforce its technology and new product development as the major shape steel maker along with the growth strategy in medium term. The company has widened steel grade and product size lineup while has advanced development of high-value-added angle steel.

The company has recently expanded the structural steel development space inside plant in Tochigi and introduced a drilling cutter to enhance design and development of angle steel for PV panel pedestals.