Japan Imported Flat Steel Stock Drops by 1.3% in May

Japanese imported flat rolled steel stock decreased by 1.3% or 2,000 tonnes to 146,000 tonnes at the end of May from April, which decreased for 2 months in a row, announced by Japanese major trading firm, Hanwa Co. on Thursday. The stock decreased by 6.4% or 10,000 tonnes from a year earlier. The import apparently decreased in May.

The stock decreased by 4.7% or 4,000 tonnes to 81,000 tonnes in Osaka at the end of May from April. The stock decreased by 14.2% or 1,000 tonnes to 6,000 tonnes for plate and by 16.6% or 5,000 tonnes to 25,000 tonnes for hot rolled coil. The cold rolled coil stock increased by 4.1% or 2,000 tonnes to 50,000 tonnes.

The total stock increased by 3.1% or 2,000 tonnes to 65,000 tonnes in Tokyo at the end of May from April. The stock increased by 11.1% or 1,000 tonnes to 10,000 tonnes for plate while the stock decreased by 2.7% or 1,000 tonnes to 36,000 tonnes for hot coil. The cold coil stock increased by 11.7% or 2,000 tonnes to 19,000 tonnes.