Japan Quarterly Flat Steel Demand for Can to Keep The Level

Japanese integrated steel makers plan to keep flat steel shipment for can applications in July-September as April-June level. The volume could be slightly less than same period of 2011 level due to unfavorable weather and users’ offshore shift. The supply would be tight due to planned maintenances.

Nippon Steel plans repair of cold rolling mill, picking line and annealing line at Nagoya works. JFE Steel also plans related production line.

The shipment for can applications is estimated to decrease in and after May due to unfavorable weather while the shipment was more than a year earlier level through early May. The makers see the demand wouldn’t increase for 18 liters can, pale can and other general applications compared with April-June level.

The demand increases for automobile but the demand could decreases depending on the subsidy for eco-friendly car. The import also impacts on the domestic supply balance.

Japanese tinplate shipment decreased by 10.6% to 945,000 tonnes in fiscal 2011 ended March 2012 from fiscal 2010. The shipment decreased by 6.3% to 796,000 tonnes for tin free steel.