CSGT Metals Vietnam to Add Slitter

Flat rolled steel processing company, CSGT Metals Vietnam Joint Stock Company will add slitter in 2012. The firm adds a slitter for 9 millimeters thick flat rolled steel processing. The firm plans to increase average selling volume by 500-1,000 tonnes to 6,000-6,500 tonnes per month compared with the figure in 2011. The firm seeks new users including Japanese companies’ local transplants

The processor is joint venture between Taiwanese China Steel Corporation’s trading affiliate, China Steel Global Trading, Sumitomo Metal Industries group and Sumitomo Metals trading affiliate, Sumikin Bussan Corporation,

CSGT Metals Vietnam launched operation in October 2008. The firm with 8,000 tonnes of processing capacity per month supplies around 40% of the products for motorcycle industry and each around 20% for electronics and steel pipe makers. The plant provides around 90% of the products for Taiwanese companies’ local transplants.

The joint venture’s average selling volume increased to around 5,500 tonnes per month in 2011 from around 3,000 tonnes in 2009 and around 4,500 tonnes in 2010. The demand slows due to motorcycle makers’ overproduction but the market could improve in and after July when the inventory adjustment for motorcycle would finish by the end of June.

The firm can slit up to 3.2 mm thick while the firm uses third party processor for thicker products. The firm will can slit thicker steel with the new slitter, which can processes steel with 1.2-9 mm thick and 400-1,650 mm width. The firm will start slitter adding work in September starting the operation by end of 2012. The firm will have 4 slitters, 3 levelers and 2 shearing machines. The firm will focus on development of Japanese users.