Chuo Denki Kogyo Launches Primary Rare Earth Production in Vietnam

Sumitomo Metal Industries’ ferroalloy making affiliate, Chuo Denki Kogyo announced on Monday the firm’s affiliate in Vietnam launched lanthanum-cerium production. The firm plans annual 800 tonnes of production for the raw material of nickel hydride battery material.

Vietnam Rare Earth Joint Stock Company, of which Chuo Denki Kogyo’s subsidiary, Chuden Rare Earth controls 72%, purchases oxide materials from India and USA to produce the rare earth product. Chuo Denki Kogyo diversifies the sources through the group’s production while the group imported 100% of the material from China.

The Vietnamese company produces total 200 tonnes of neodymium and dysprosium per year since spring of 2011. The firm produces the rare earth from scrap generated in process to make neodymium magnet and other rare earth products.