Lower Japan H-Beam Export Price

Japanese H-beam export price is weak at just less than FOB US$ 800 per tonne for East Asia for July-August shipment. The market price decreases due to lower price by China while Japanese makers reduced the order receipt under higher yen rate. The price is weak due to severe competition between Asian makers while the demand is firm in Southeast Asia.

Offshore makers tried to increase the selling price earlier the year to improve the profitability under higher cost structure. However, the price decreases recently due to lower ferrous scrap cost and uncertainty for European financial market.

Japanese H-beam export decreased by 35.7% to 22,848 tonnes in April from March, according to Ministry of Finance. The averaged price is around FOB 60,000 yen per tonne, which was 2,400 yen lower than March level. The export increased by 74.8% to 15,351 tonnes to South Korea.