Japan Major Appliance Retailer to Start Rare Metal Recycling

Japanese major home appliance retailer, EDION Corporation announced on Wednesday the firm established small appliance reusing and recycling joint venture with Aichi based major nonferrous metals scrap dealer, Kimura Metal Industry and Mitsui & Co. on April 17. The joint venture launched reusing business on Friday. The firm plans to start recycling operation of rare metal from used appliance in 2013.

EDION controls 55% of the Hiroshima based joint venture with 100 million yen of capital. Kimura Metal Industry has 30% shares and Mitsui & Co has 15% share in the new company.

EDION transferred appliance reusing business in Aichi to the joint venture. The new company is studying recycling business’ details including location and facilities. The company will sell metals with rare metal for Japanese smelters and other third parties.