Tokyo D Bar Steel to Hike Rebar by 2,000 yen/t

Tokyo D Bar Steel, which is joint sales company of Godo Steel and Tokyo Tekko, increases selling price of concrete reinforcing steel bar by 2,000 yen per tonne for June order. The firm tries to realize reproducible price level while the firm increased the offer price by each 2,000 yen in March and April order.

The firm tries to cover higher cost for electricity, electrode and other raw materials while ferrous scrap cost is still high despite of the recent decrease. The firm got certain higher price but the buyers didn’t accept all of total 4,000 yen per tonne of higher offer in March and April.

The firm expects higher demand for rebar due to rebuilding activity in damaged areas by the major earthquake in 2011. The firm tries to cover higher cost when the production cost increases due to higher electricity cost and limited availability of power supply during summer.