METI to Launch Project to Commercialize Multi Layered Flat Steel

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry launches commercialize project of next generation flat steel with strength and workability, which contributes to lighter automotive flat steel. The project is to develop multi layered flat steel with 2 times of strength and 3 times of ductility from current level based on basic research by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. METI launches the 10-year project with steel makers and universities in fiscal 2013 starting April 2013 for advantage of Japanese steel technology and for fuel economy.

Traditional approach to improve strength and workability is getting limitation while steel makers try to improve the performance by controlling steel compositions in nano level. The new approach of multi layered steel of different compositions and properties enables new steel grade, which is impossible by traditional approach.

The project is to develop production technology of 5-7 layered steel with different properties based on 5-year research by MEXT through fiscal 2010. The project also develops the commercial rolling process to make the new steel products.

The project also develops welding and other joint technology for the strong material. The project develops joint technology for high carbon steel and steel and other materials including carbon fiber reinforced plastic.