Okamura, Nippon Steel to Resume Operation of Furniture Making JV

Steel furniture maker, Okamura and Nippon Steel announced on Thursday they resume operation of the steel furniture making joint venture, NS Okamura in Kamaishi, Iwate on May 22. The venture invested around 2.5 billion yen to move the plant to new place in Nippon Steel’s Kamaishi works.

The new plant has building with 12,212 square meters of floor space on 22,048 square meters of land. The plant with new coating line makes transport system rack and desk system.

Okamura group has 55.5% of the venture with 100 million yen of capital while Nippon Steel has 44.5% share in the venture. The venture started operation in 1992. The venture makes furniture from cold rolled flat steel of Nippon Steel.

The plant was damaged from the major earthquake in March 2011. Okamura considered options including move to other area but the firm decided to resume the operation in the area for local community and employees through cooperation of Nippon Steel.