Jindal Stainless to Double Production Capacity Soon

India’s largest stainless steel maker, Jindal Stainless will decide second phase expansion of Orissa plant soon. The firm doubles the raw steel production capacity to annual 2 million tonnes. The firm ramps up the first phase of 1 million tonnes steel making shop after the shop started test running in April. With the second phase, the firm expands the total production capacity to 2.7 million tonnes including Hisar plant.

The president Ratan Jindal said the intention to a reporter of Japan Metal Bulletin at annual conference venue of International Stainless Steel Forum in Beijing. Mr. Jindal said Jindal Stainless scaled up the Orrisa plant capacity to total annual 2 million tonnes from original 1.6 million tonnes to meet growing demand. The firm will start the second phase depending on the market condition.

Indian stainless steel demand increased by 5.5% to 2 million tonnes in 2011 from 2010. The demand growth was slower than 9% in 2010. Jindal Stainless expects 9% growth for 2012.

The firm produced 700,000 tonnes of raw steel at Hisar plant in 2011. The volume was near capacity after the 70,000 tonnes expansion. The firm plans to increase the total output by 71.4% to 1.2 million tonnes for 2012 from 2011 when Orissa plant started the operation. The firm plans to increase output of chrome series and manganese series stainless.

Jindal Stainless plans development of chrome and manganese mines in Orissa. The firm plans construction of ferromanganese and silicomanganese making plant with 600,000 tonnes of annual output capacity along with large power plant. The firm will build integrated stainless steel production process through raw material to downstream operation for better competitiveness.