Topy Industries Launches SD490 Grade Rebar

Topy Industries started to marketing activity of SD490 grade concrete reinforcing steel bar in the month after the firm got the certification of Japanese Industrial Standards. The firm decided to renew steel making facilities at Toyohashi plant to meet the steel requirement. Before the new steel making facility starts operation in April 2015, the firm shifts the products to high valued lines including high strength grade for better profitability.

The firm makes monthly 10,000-12,000 tonnes of rebar. The products line includes SD295A, SD345 and SD390 with 10-38 millimeters of diameter.

The firm tries to meet growing demand for rebar with higher strength. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism decided to use SD390 and SD490 grades for bridge and raised road through revision of technical standards for bridge and raised road.

Topy Industries expects demand increases for higher strength rebar. The firm got JIS certification for SD490 grade on March 21. The firm offers the higher grade products with 25-38 mm diameter.

The firm purchases some of the billet for rebar making but the firm decided to increase own billet supply by converting size of bloom with 200 by 300 mm into billet with 130 by 130 mm. The firm improves the lead time for project based order for the higher grade rebar.

The firm expects the wider products line would contribute to the marketing while the order could be 200-300 tonnes per project for the higher grade product. The firm eyes development for another higher grade product.