NLM to Establish Holding Company and Reorganize Subsidiaries

Nippon Light Metal (NLM) announced on Tuesday the firm establishes the holding company, Nippon Light Metal Holdings Company, on October 1, 2012. NLM plans to heighten the corporate value by positive separation of management and operation. The holding company conducts planning of management strategies and provision of management resources.

NLM will become the wholly owned subsidiary of the holding company. NLM will be delisted. For the shareholders, new shares of the holding company will be allotted. The holding company will also conduct reorganization of NLM’s subsidiaries.

Total sales value of NLM’s subsidiaries and affiliates has recently tripled against NLM’s non-consolidated sales size, which has been heavy for the parent company. Sales have grown up especially at the subsidiaries in China and Southeast Asia.

NLM announced on Tuesday the company forecasts 14 billion yen of 44.2% year-to-year higher consolidated recurring profit for fiscal 2012 started in April. The profit was 9.7 billion yen in fiscal 2011. The company expects for the continuous demand recovery in car industry and the market improvement for electronic appliances mainly in the second half year.

NLM forecasts the consolidated net sales would slightly decrease by 0.7% to 400 billion yen in fiscal 2012 from fiscal 2011. The operating profit would improve by 28.1% to 17.5 billion yen and the net profit could almost triple to 8.5 billion yen.

In fiscal 2011, the annual net sales represented decrease for 4 fiscal years in a row and the profit turned down after 3 years. Aluminium plate shipment sharply deteriorated for semiconductor and liquid crystal panel manufacturing equipments in July-September 2011. Shipment volume also decreased for other aluminium rolled products applied to electronic appliances and aluminium foil used for capacitors.

In the second half year, the sales recovered for automotive components to domestic automakers and extruded aluminium products applied to trucks. The sales and order receipts also increased for data center constructions.