Copper Alloy Product Demand Still Maintains Low in Japan

Market Research Committee of Tokyo Copper Alloy Products Distributors Association held a monthly press conference in Tokyo on April 24 and gave a market overview that the demand has totally hit bottom for copper and copper alloy fabricated products. The demand seems slightly recovering even for phosphor bronze products, the demand of which has especially deteriorated. However, the demand conditions are still weak in the all sectors other than car industry. The market trend is unforeseeable.

The committee viewed the demand seems to have hit bottom for copper strip mainly used as lead frame materials but the orders still maintains slow. As for copper plates and bars, the orders are slightly recovering to apply to electrical distributors.

The demand has especially deteriorated for phosphor bronze sheet and strip. The committee explained the shipment slightly recovered since mid March along with the yearly demand related to public infrastructure investments.

Copper tube production and shipment are strong in the demand season from air conditioner makers. Japanese copper tube makers are presently in full productions. Brass bar shipment keeps steady for automotive connectors.

Demand is not strong for brass bar. The committee analyzed the demand seems not to increase largely before reconstruction works are fully started in the disaster areas of the major earthquake.