Japanese LED Lighting Market Forecasted to Double by CY2020

Japanese market of LED (light emitting diode) lighting devices is forecasted to double to 459.5 billion yen in CY2020 compared with CY2011, according to a market research by Fuji-Keizai, Japanese market researcher. Organic EL (electro luminescence) market is forecasted to expand by 638 times to 108.5 billion yen.

Among LED lighting devices, residential luminaire is forecasted to increase by 2.1 times to 308.3 billion yen, LED tube lamp to increase by 2.1 times to 143.3 billion yen while LEDs for decollating or advertising displays to increase by 1.3 times to 8 billion yen.

The demand stage is shifting to the steady growth while electricity saving is strongly required in Japan after the earthquake disaster. LED contribute to less electricity consumption and the demand is expected to increase.

Organic EL is mostly adopted to small displays of cell phones and smart phones at present. The applications are forecasted to widen such for large displays or lighting devices, as same as LEDs.